Garden of the Week – Sequoia National Park

This week we take a break from residential gardens and visit a garden done with the largest of pain brushes, namely Sequoia National Park. It is good to go back to the source and for garden designers that source can be affectionately labeled Mother Nature. So we traveled to a place where the largest denizens of the earth dwell. A place they have called home for thousands of years. Of course we are talking about Giant Sequoia trees, Sequoiadendron giganteum, a big name for a very big tree. But it not just their size that is impressive. It is their longevity that makes them worthy of our veneration. If you have ever stood next to one of these monolithic trees you cannot help but sense a presence about them. You cannot capture that in a photo or a video. You have to go yourself, and enter into their field in the right frame of mind. And like the Missourian seeing the Pacific Ocean for the first time, you will be inspired.