Landscape Photography – Sequoia part 2 – The Bear and the Sierra Crest

Part 2 from Sequoia National Park. In this vlog I find a black bear playing in a meadow. I then walk up to a viewpoint on the High Sierra Trail and shoot a panoramic of the Sierra Nevada.

5 thoughts on “Landscape Photography – Sequoia part 2 – The Bear and the Sierra Crest

  1. Lovely Panoramic!! Can’t say I’ve ever made it to Eagle point view. I think anytime I’ve been to Sequoia that road has been closed to shuttles only. So after having explored Sequoia NP, what do you think? It’s quite beautiful as breath taking isn’t it? Cheers. Thanks for the feature 🙂

  2. Nice video Graeme! An interesting watch that kept me on till the end. Keep up the good work. Ive subbed your channel 👍

    1. Hi James, Thanks for the comment. I’m glad you liked it. Part 3 will be out on Friday 🙂 Thanks for the sub.

  3. Hey Graeme, great second part, must have been amazing to see that bear, what an experience! and the view from Eagle View is spectacular!!!
    Wow, that panorama is amazing, I think that you underestimate how good it is!
    Another awesome video mate, so so so jealous, would love to be there right now!

    1. Thanks Benn. Bears are fairly common in Sequoia but it’s always a thrill to see one. If you make it out this way let me know. There are some great locations to visit. As always I appreciate your comments. Cheers

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