SEQUOIA – HLG3 Cinematic Film: Sony a7iii

Spent the weekend in Sequoia National Park with some friends for my birthday. The entire travel film was shot with the sony a7iii, Moza air 2 gimbal, 16-35mm gmaster using a custom HLG3 profile that I will be doing a video on very soon! I’m loving the sony hlg3 picture profile and have been testing it out a lot for cinematic footage. I can’t wait to share with you my settings and grading techniques. I hope you enjoy this cinematic broll! My luts are also releasing soon! Shout out to Nick who provided me with the epic drone footage!
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For those of you who are new to the channel my name is Jason Anthony but everyone calls me Jay. I grew up in New York and moved to California a little over a year ago. I love creating content and landscape photos are my thang! California has some amazing national parks and I love exploring them with good company! I drop videos every week so make sure to SUBSCRIBE to make sure you don’t miss them!

20 thoughts on “SEQUOIA – HLG3 Cinematic Film: Sony a7iii

  1. Dude unfortunately for you, you have set a new bar for yourself with this video. What an incredible video that makes me wish my sequoia trip in the snow wasn’t less than 24hours

    1. I’m Jason Anthony dude the cold is exactly why I didn’t stay as long as 4 hours. I slept in my car in that 17 degree weather because I went last minute then got the sunrise stuff went to leave to get some more and blam. Car stuck in snow just a cluster f*** but I am super jealous of what you did

    2. haha thanks Cody! It just means more trips at epic locations! We shot for 4 hours it was so damn cold!

  2. Hey Jason my man. You mind helping me out with just one thing relatively based off how you do your work? We all know the whole fight and battle debate over video FPS etc. etc. Ohhh 24 is for cinematic and all that feel etc etc. Oh 30 is what television trending to and more so real to the eyes, whereas go up to 60 where some call it closest but weird with more frames and no blur. Here’s the problem I have because it applies to so very little others so no one in their videos has any similarity- I’ve to this point (when I get my opportunities) been a weather guy in my history. And this here was done in 30fps RX100V ziploc bag protected lol. But therefore coming from that background I just want to make everything as real and matching to what the eye sees in fps as possible. So let’s say for instance it’s summertime storms with a lightning strike, and I want the video having that moment come across exactly as it did to the human eye. Would you do 30 or 60? And is it a problem that my Wondershare Filmora editing page makes everything on a 24 timeline even tho upon exporting it lists the 24/30/60 etc. options?

    1. Thanks Raphael, it was so cold so I couldn’t get too fancy! The LCD screen froze on my new gimbal too but the gimbal did continue to work haha

  3. Yo, y’all should come check me out let me know what you think about my music. 🎯🎯

  4. Cool video amazing photos! I just started using HLG3 (a73 & A7r3) with some mods. Looking forward to seeing your take. Are you using 2020? What shooting speeds did you use?

    As a side note: Premiere Pro has a problem with HLG3/2020. Gamma is many stops off. DaVinci is fine.

  5. Convinced! HLG3 is the new profile I’ll be testing!!! I had watched another video that HLG is good only if the viewer has an 4K TV…do you think it’s worth it since 4K TV’s are still rare in the average consumer world?

    1. +I’m Jason Anthony That’s great, very much looking forward to the explanations and your settings. Your vids are a wealth of great information to the prosumer users like me.

    2. To be honest I know HLG is meant for HDR Tv’s but the ease of use, flexibility in post for coloring/dynamic range/ and bringing back details is insane. Low noise and its honestly just such a pleasure to use. I’ll be dropping a detailed video on it next week with how I expose, the exact settings I’m using and then a grading segment to show how much easier it is!

    1. +I’m Jason Anthony thanks Jason but next week might be too late before my trio to Swiss alps😅

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