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This video is about a trip that I just went on my spring break 2019 (Mar 25-27)
My friends and I started from San Francisco to Sequoia Nat. park around 4am on Monday.
We drove almost 5 hrs to Sequoia Nat. park. The first stop was Moro Rock. Its status as one of the most popular hikes in Sequoia National Park is well earned. Normally, you can park nearby and walk over 350 steps in a picturesque quarter mile climb. From heavy snow lately, all the path covered by snow that’s why we had to hike 2.5 miles to get a moro rock’s trail, then we had to walked up on snow to the top of the Moro Rock. Next, we walked to Tunnel log, car tunnel carved in 1938 out of the trunk of a sequoia that fell over the road in 1937. If you come in summer time, you are able to drive thru and go under the tree!!! After hiked a long way, we went back to our car, and drove to General Sherman Tree (6-7mins). General Sherman is a giant sequoia tree located in the Giant Forest of Sequoia National Park in Tulare County, in the U.S. state of California. By volume, it is the largest known living single-stem tree on Earth. Wikipedia

We drove almost 5 hrs to Lake Elsinore, CA to stay in the hotel
Day 2: We woke up early to see sunrise at Walker canyon, known as Poppy field.
We tried to avoid finding a parking, so we called an uber around 6 am. No one picked me up tho -_____-“, so we had to drive there. We got there around 6.10am, but the gate was closed. We had to wait till 7am, then they told us to park other side. Badly, we passed sunrise time already 🙁 Anyway, we followed the trail and tried to find the best spot to take photos. There are lots of poppies everywhere. I was so exited to see all orange around. Its amazing to see super bloom. At the sunset time, we went another trail to see different view. There was less people than the head trail. If you keep hiking up to the top, you will see the panoramic view. We really had a great time with poppies.

Day 3: Drove almost 5 hrs back to Carrizo plain Monument.
On the way to Carrizo, we stopped by Shell Creek rd to see baby blue eye flowers.
There are lot of them, but they are so small. You have to keep your eyes on to find them. **** Please be careful to hurt them tho. ****
After that, we drove to Carrizo plain monument. On the way, we saw many mountains that covered by yellow flowers. Its no word to say how beautiful they are.

**** Just let you guys know, we followed the trail and avoided hurting the flowers. ****

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This is just my 2nd video on my channel.
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